Interesting FactsSome interesting facts about Science, some about D|ONE and some "Interesting, but useless information" (IBUI).

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The great pyramids in Egypt have moved 4 kilometers with the earth's crust since they were built.



The G-20 is made up of the finance ministers and central bank governors of 19 countries.



The largest decimal number where you can eliminate any digit, and the number formed by the remaining digits are divisible by the eliminated digit.

Interesting but useless info (IBUI)


Besides being the Hardy-Ramanujan number, 1729 is also a sphenic number because it is the product of three different primes (7*13*19).



amount of revenue in $ Microsoft made in its first year (D|ONE: 114'000 CHF)



In Mandarin the number 250 (Er Bai Wu) means "moron". Nobody would accept a price or a salary at 250. Explanations about the origin of this expression differ, but a good interpretation seems "on a scale of 1000 you are 250".



Year when D|ONE was established.



Number of different countries of origin for D|ONE team members.



30% Probability that the leading digit in many lists of numbers starts with digit 1 (12.5% that it starts with 3). Called Benford's Law. Detected because some pages in logarithm tables looked used more than others. Used in forensic accounting, specifically in fraud detection.



Car number plate of Donald Duck.



On top of being the famous Hardy-Ramanujan number, and being a sphenic number, 1729 is also the third Carmichael number, after 561 and 1105. A Carmichael number is an integer n where bn-1 = 1 (mod n) for all b that are prime relative to n. All prime numbers have the Carmichael property.


1193, 1931, 3119, 9311

First 4 digits Circular Prime Numbers.



Number of compositions by Mozart listed in the Köchel catalogue.



55% of human DNA is also found in bananas.



Four half-moves are needed for the fastest possible checkmate (known as the Fool's mate).


36y 130d 3h

Average age of D|ONE team members.



Pragmatic as the Chinese are, if you take the the "4" (see 4) issue head-on you may turn it into a blessing: 4 times 4 i.e. 4444 means: may you be 4 times lucky in all four seasons.



This number rotates itself:

  142857 X 1 = 142857

  142857 X 2 = 285714

  142857 X 3 = 428571

  142857 X 4 = 571428

  142857 X 5 = 714285

  142857 X 6 = 857142





If you re-arrange things just a little bit, fate may change a lot: Swapping 2 and 5 (see 250) means a significant upgrade: In Mandarin Chinese the number 520 means, "I love you". To make an extra you may also say "520 1314": I love you forever... "13" meaning "this life", "14" meaning "until death" (or "until next life? according to religious preferences).



Distance in kilometers between both D|ONE offices, San Mateo and Zurich.



Number of eyes of the Tuatara lizard (lives in in New Zealand).

Interesting but useless info (IBUI)


Number of Poker Events per year organized by D|ONE.



Probability to get a royal flush in Texas hold 'em Poker.



Number of clients representing 80% of D|ONE revenues.



First number, consisting only of digits 1, which, squared, does not produce a symmetrical result like 11x11 does.

Interesting but useless info (IBUI)


Number 4 is considered an unlucky number in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cultures because it is nearly homophonous to the word "death". In order not to take unnecessary risks, in most hotels in Hong Kong or Mainland China there is no fourth floor to choose in elevators (caring also about superstitious Westerners, the 13th floor is usually skipped as well).



The Hardy-Ramanujan number. The British mathematician G. H. Hardy told this story about the Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan: "I remember once going to see him when he was ill at Putney. I had ridden in taxi cab number 1729 and remarked that the number seemed to me rather a dull one, and that I hoped it was not an unfavorable omen. "No," he replied, "it is a very interesting number; it is the smallest number expressible as the sum of two cubes in two different ways." This anecdote gave this number its name.

    9^3 + 10^3 = 1729
    1^3 + 12^3 = 1729



This number comes up in many discussions among certain professional circles (e.g., programmers). We are not sure why but we have our best analysts working to find out ;-)



Four colors are needed to color a map so that no two adjacent regions get the same color (four-color theorem).



Schwarzschild radius of the earth. Compacted to 0.89 cm, the earth will become a black hole.

Interesting but useless info (IBUI)


Dial this number if you have a need for Data Insight.



Number of uninteresting natural numbers: If there were uninteresting numbers, there would be a smallest uninteresting number - but the smallest uninteresting number is itself interesting by being so, producing a contradiction.



Days per employee per year invested in training.


«We are completely focused on our customers' success with all our passion. Everything else just follows in a natural way.»

Hans Peter Gränicher, Managing Director, D1 Solutions

2011-09-01 l Marco Longhitano, Philipp Knüsel

Die Abhängigkeiten von Tabellen, Objekten und Berichten erkennen - mit DBOXS impact.

Wer SAP BusinessObjects (BO) als Reporting System im Einsatz hat, wird mit der Frage konfrontiert, welche Berichte bei einer Änderung des darunterliegenden DWHs oder eines BO Universums betroffen sind.
BO stellt kein Tool zur Beantwortung dieser Frage bereit. Der vorliegenden Artikel erklärt, wie DBOXS impact diese Lücke für DeskI Berichte schliesst.

An Hand von konkreten Anwendungsbeispielen zeigen wir, wie DBOXS impact zu einer besseren Übersicht über die Abhängigkeiten innerhalb des Reporting Systems führt.

Diese Transparenz senkt den Entwicklungs- und Unterhaltsauf-wand beträchtlich. Darüber hinaus erstellt DBOXS impact eine detaillierte Dokumentation, die z.B. beim Umstieg von DeskI auf WebI von grossem Nutzen ist.

(PDF, 612kB)

2011-06-23 l Adrian Wyss

DBOXS - Get the Most Out of Your BusinessObjects Enterprise Environment

DBOXS allows you to automate administrative tasks, to run stress tests against the whole system, and to document the interdependencies between the reports and the data-base.

As a result, projects can be realized with less effort, and the nuisances of daily operation and maintenance are greatly reduced.

(PDF, 162kB)

Business Intelligence

D|ONE ist ein profiliertes Beratungsunternehmen mit dem Schwerpunkt auf Datenverständnis. Die Berater von D|ONE kennen die Herausforde- rungen der Analyse, Evaluation und Realisierung von Informationssystemen aus der praktischen Erfahrung und unterstützen ihre Kunden bei der Ausarbeitung der Datenstrategie, bei der Konzeption von entscheidungs- stützenden Systemen, bei Fragen der Software- und Datenarchitektur sowie bei der Projektleitung und der Entwicklung der entsprechenden Vorhaben.

(PDF, 1400kB)

2009-10-14 l Dr. Bernhard Brabec

Mehr Entscheidungssicherheit durch bessere Datenqualität

Entscheide sind nur so gut wie die Informationsba- sis, von der sie abgeleitet werden. Das Erfassen und Zusammenstellen von Daten hoher Qualität über einen längeren Zeitraum ist dafür unerlässlich.

(PDF, 1700kB)

2010-11-30 | Christian Schnider, Nicola Reggiori

Optimierung des Verkaufspotenzials mit SAP BusinessObjects - Absatz- und Kontextanalyse dank Stammdatenmanagment

Wenn es um Reporting und Datenanalyse geht, verlässt sich BATi auf SAP BusinessObjects und D|ONE. Das Universe stellt die Daten konzernweit als "single source of truth" bereit. Die technische Basis ist das zentrale Data Warehouse (DWH), der Schlüsselfaktor zum Erfolg das durchgängige Stammdatenmanagement.

Aus Gründen der Vertraulichkeit, können wir nur einen schmalen Auszug aus der Präsentation bereitstellen. Gerne können wir Ihnen jedoch persönlich bei Interesse einen detaillierteren Einblick in die Reporting-Lösung geben.

(PDF, 4300kB)

2010-09-15 | Dr. Bernhard Brabec

Data Mining in Theory and Practice

Analysis of special conditions in fees in a privat bank.

(PDF, 260kB)

2010-06-28 | Dr. Andreas Hauenstein, Dr. Simon Hefti, Dr. Andrej Vckovski

Real Life Performance of In-Memory Database Systems for BI

What about the efficiency of your database? How configurable and tunable is your environment to get fast reliable reporting results "out of the box"? A new generation of DB systems is growing. D|ONE did a benchmark to assort the newcomers based  on hard facts.

(PDF, 1043kB)

2010-01-27 | Alex Hausmann

Turbo-Reports für Top-Manager

Unter Zeitdruck komplexe Entscheidungen richtig treffen: wir zeigen, wie Business Intelligence Lösungen die Verantwortlichen pragmatisch und gezielt unterstützen.

(PDF, 120kB)


2009-11-13 | Dr. Bernhard Brabec

Anreize zur nachhaltigen Preisgestaltung setzen

Wie gestaltet ein Unternehmen attraktive Preise? Wo sind die Grenzen für Spezialpreise, Aktionen und Rabatte (Stichwort: Deckungsbeitrag)? Übersicht über die wirkungsvollsten Ansätze.

(PDF, 156kB)

2009-10-30 | Dr. Stamatis Stefanakos

Cost Reduction in Bill-Insert Campaigns With Predictive Analytics

Campaigns are in important yet expensive marketing tool. We show how predictive analytics is used to optimize campaigns in both reach and cost.

(PDF, 261kB)

2009-08-13 | Dr. Stamatis Stefanakos

Using Social Ties to Predict Missing Customer Information

"Know your customer" is easier said than done. We describe how missing information can be derived from clever analysis.

(PDF, 257kB)

2009-06-17 | Dr. Bernhard Brabec

Saubere Kundenansprache

Sie haben es sicher auch schon erlebt: ein Verkäufer spricht Sie auf ein Produkt an, das Sie bereits haben. Das Resultat: ein verärgerter Kunde. Bei schlechter Datenqualität bleiben die CRM-Aktivitäten eines Unternehmens erfolglos. Ein systematischer Prozess hilft, Fehler zu ermitteln und die Datenbasis gezielt zu verbessern. So erhalten auch die "richtigen" Empfänger die "korrekte" Botschaft.

(PDF, 152kB)

2009-05-26 | Alex Hausmann, Hans Peter Gränicher

SAP BusinessObjects: ausprobieren vor integrieren

Sie möchten die Möglichkeiten von SAP BusinessObjects unkompliziert testen? Das geht ganz einfach. Wir zeigen, wie das funktioniert und worauf Sie in diesem Schritt achten müssen.

(PDF, 825kB)

2009-05-05 | Dr. Stamatis Stefanakos

Cost Reduction in Bill-Insert Campaigns with Clementine

A company normally uses several channels to apply product and services. How to optimize campaigns, assure the ROI (Return on investment) and reduce simultaneously the costs without loosing the goals? This presentation shows you how to get the mentioned targets with predictive analytics.

(PDF, 48kB)

2008-10-19 | Dr. Stamatis Stefanakos

Viral marketing in telecoms: alpha customers in phone networks

An inspiring report on how social networks can be leveraged for marketing.

(PDF, 224kB)